SWH is a highly refined collection of challenges to test your creativity upon a WALRUS (Willing, Approachable-Looking Random Unaware Stranger).

The year was 2000.

Allston, Massachusetts. An old friend of mine, going all the way back to nursery school, had invited me to crash on his floor while I looked for an apartment during my first post-college job. Nights quickly involved hanging with his old college crew, drinking beers, and going out to the bars. To them, I was just some friend of a friend. But to me, it was an opportunity to bring that larger group into the same level of bond that I had shared with my nearly lifelong nursery school friend.

One night while we were out, it came to me. A simple dare to do something with a stranger without them knowing what was up. But in order for it to work, I had to do it first, while letting the group I was with in on the joke.


What made it great


was that it wasn’t about if it was going to fail, it was about when it was going to fail. Executing that first dare, feeling the gaze of my friends, and doing the best I could - that was the snowflake that started the avalanche. Before long, we were all taking turns at seeing who could outlast the other until the other group caught on.

And that’s where the creativity came in. Not only in how you spoke, but how you acted. Did you throw in some high fives? Give some elbow bumps? Make some extended facial expressions?

And furthermore, who should you target? A single person? A group of two? Or large groups? Eventually it became as much about choosing your target(s) as it did about the actual execution.

Executing challenges out at the bar that night made us realize something quickly - it added a level of excitement to the most mundane looking environments. It brought us together. It created laughs that lasted long after we walked out the door.


When you pick a card,

realize that there’s many many years that have gone into the creation, execution, and refinement of every single challenge. The subtlest of wording has been used to craft every single card. What might appear to some as similarities on the surface, will slowly reveal an entirely different trajectory of outcomes, all depending on surroundings, time of day, and chance encounters that each moment of your life will put in front of you.

Performing challenges amongst friends - pitting each other to do things to strangers to test courage and creativity did one thing for sure - it brought us together. It created memories that still live with me and all of my friends today. And who knows what sort of laughs and stories those people we involved got out of it and shared with their friends.

If you ever find yourself having picked that first challenge that was created, my only advice is to observe, choose wisely, be spontaneous, and SEE WHAT HAPPENS.

The Story Continues...

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