High Bars and Tuesday Nights

Fellow SWH’ers,

Congratulations on discovering the only game known to regularly cause drink-spitting laughs. In all the years that our team has been playing, we are constantly surprised by what happens, and always love seeing what happens with you.

We admit, the bar is high for getting started with SWH. Even as creators, sometimes we struggle busting out that first card. There have been plenty of nights where it just doesn’t feel right. Or we’re just too damn shy. On the surface, some of the challenges seem impossible - totally fabricated - like some sort of cruel joke:

On that note, there’s one card nestled in your SWH deck to help reach that high bar, to break the ice, and to get the ball rolling. To make all the other cards far more achievable.

Once you realize how to truly crack open a deck of SWH, you will have some of the craziest experiences you’ll remember for a long time to come. Like what happened to a group of us on a recent Tuesday night out.

After having a couple drinks with some friends at a bar to watch a big game that was on, we hesitantly decided to hit up one more bar before calling it a night. Being a Tuesday, it was pretty quiet, but there were a few people here and there. We took a seat in the back, sipped our drinks, thinking that it was probably our last before we all headed home. We had brought SWH (crucial step #1), and knew that it would have been a shame to not give it a try before walking out the door.

A simple attempt with the right card was all it took.

The challenge I’m talking about - the one that’s nestled somewhere within your SWH deck - is something that can be done solo, without strangers, and pretty much anywhere. It involves creativity, is (relatively) safe, and a ton of fun for anyone to try. And it makes for awesome photos. Even with a friend or a group, each of you can see who can do the best one, or the longest. This one card alone can make for a fun night out. What is it?

Play Dead On The Ground. It's the Level One of all the SWH cards:

Thinking back to all the times that we’ve played SWH, it’s become clear that the nights we started out with this one card seemed to make the craziest stuff happen. Stuff that we never would have expected, and probably wouldn’t have happened if we started with a different card.

As we stood there, taking pictures and laughing at our friend who was playing dead in the middle of the bar, others started noticing. What the heck are they doing? Why is that guy lying on the ground like that? Even if we stopped right there, it would have been something fun to laugh about.

From there, it was easy to show a couple that was nearby what we were doing, and have them pick a card. I offered to pick a card face up, but the girl that chose wanted a mystery card. Body Shot she chose, and while I offered the option to choose another, she wanted to do it. And I gladly pointed her to our friend who was out celebrating his one year Vegan anniversary. 

Important note: My friend is not vegan. Having someone in your group who is celebrating something - as real or real-sounding as it can be - works amaaaaazingly. Because now it’s all about helping that person celebrate, not about doing some sort of silly challenge.

From there, our entire night changed. A couple hours later we were walking out of that bar, dying at how a quiet Tuesday night out with some SWH changed everything. For a sample of what happened, check out our Instagram feed at https://www.instagram.com/seewhathappensgame

So now the ball is in your court: What's your best Play Dead On The Ground? Try it out and see what happens.

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- The SWH Crew