The Two* Sides of SWH

As you may or may not know, there are two* sides of See What Happens.

* Ok, there are three. But we'll get to that later.

One side of SWH is the secret challenges. These are the challenges that you do to a WALRUS while your friends are secretly watching from afar, waiting for that inevitable point where the other person figures out what's up. Or maybe they don't, and you just roll with it. A perfect example:

#SWHFaceSlap. Can you do more than one?

#SWHFaceSlap. Can you do more than one?

And then there are the other SWH challenges. They are the challenges where everyone is in on it. And you're just trying to get it done, and maybe get a photo of it to prove it. Think of them as the physical challenges. Like this one:

The point is: depending on the night you're having, or the night you want to have, you might want to use only one type of the cards. It might not be totally clear which cards are which in the current version of SWH, but as you can see from the #SWHFaceSlap card above, all of the secret cards will have a "Sshh" silhouette on them marking them as such.

Your best bet when taking SWH out with you is to separate them and put them face to face either inside the custom carrying case, or put each half into a different pocket. Depending on the situation at hand, you can bust out the right set of cards at the right moment.

What's that third side to SWH? It's #SWHDead. Read about it in my earlier post: High Bars and Tuesday Nights.

How do you SWH?