Flowcharts Galore!

To give you some insight into the people on the SWH team, we’re mostly a bunch of nerds - nerds who have found the best excuses to go up to strangers and do silly things. We want to avoid spending our entire night bar hopping and thinking about how we could have had more fun at that last place we were at. Fortunately for you, our years of “research” have resulted in the most powerful deck of cards for having the most insanely fun times out possible.

Because we’re geeks, we tend to over analyze how we do things. And then analyze it again to make sure everything is just right. And maybe one more time just for kicks. What’s the benefit of this to you? Some handy guides that will make playing SWH even easier than simply busting out a pack of cards and trying to get things started.

We’ve learned over the years that there is an art to playing SWH. It’s an advanced game that, over time, will become easier and easier to play the more you play it. At first glance, looking through the deck of SWH cards can seem pretty overwhelming:

While there are tons of scenarios for playing SWH, the most in-your-face times when you’ll want to be playing it is at a Bachelor / Bachelorette party, or a fun night out with friends. Because of this, we now have two new helpful flowcharts to ensure you have the most amazing SWH night out possible, depending on all the various subtle nuances we’ve discovered to maximize on every outing.

Ready to get started? Check out the new “Guides” area of SWH.cards: http://swh.cards/guides

Print them out, share them with friends, and let us know how it goes!

- The SWH Crew